Dr. Westcott is a registered psychologist who provides assessment and treatment services to adults living with ADHD, learning disability, autism spectrum disorder, acquired brain injury, physical disability, complex medical conditions, and a wide range of concurrent mental health challenges. She joined Mandel and Associates in 2009. Dr. Westcott counsels individuals who have been formally diagnosed or suspect social perception, attention, and/or learning challenges pursuing post-secondary studies or experiencing barriers to vocational success. She also works with individuals who are adjusting to the emotional and physical aftermath of motor vehicle accidents, workplace-related accidents, and other types of trauma. She provides a safe space to explore feelings of frustration, anxiety, grief, and uncertainty. She helps her clients to identify effective coping strategies that work within the context of their unique life experiences, abilities, and goals. She provides vocational counselling should the individual find barriers that necessitate a change in career. She is an expert at analyzing people’s ability to pursue post-secondary education, determining if they qualify for government-funded supports, and identifying accommodations which may be necessary to maximize their potential for success.

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