Psychoeducational Assessment
Psychoeducational Assessments are designed to detect the possible presence of a learning disability (LD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), or other barriers to learning (e.g., mental health problem).  When appropriate, a psychoeducational assessment will provide a specific diagnosis which is related to learning difficulty and will provide recommendations for treatment and/or accommodations and strategies that are necessary to help compensate for the learning difficulties.  These assessments are mostly relevant in the context of academic upgrading, post-secondary education, or apprenticeship training.  They are also useful when it is suspected that a learning issue or ADHD is affecting a client’s functioning within the work force.  Psychoeducational assessments generally include a clinical interview and history with information from collateral sources when possible; measures of intellectual ability, attention, and academic achievement, evaluation of social and emotional functioning, and symptom-specific rating scales may also be incorporated.

Career Counseling/Assessment
We offer career counseling and assessments to assist individuals at various stages of life with career-related decision making, and to assist employers in identifying appropriate candidates for hiring. This service is appropriate for high school students, post-secondary students, adults who are interested in career change or career direction, and employers who want to use psychological assessment techniques to assist in hiring the best employees for their company.

Gifted and Talented Educational Assessment
Accurate assessment of children with advanced cognitive abilites is often the first step in providing these children with the necessary learning tools. Though areas to be assessed are similar for all, for gifted children, the assessment techniques and tests require special characteristics.  For this reason, it is important that parents who suspect that their child may be gifted search for a professional with experience in working with this population.  Our psychologists use intelligence tests that are designed specifically to evaluate competence, and achievement tests that provide a valid measure of performance.  Once testing has been completed, the child’s score is then compared with others of the same age, keeping in mind that the best assessments are those that look at the child as a whole.