Assessment Process

Depending on the specific needs of the client and referral source, our assessments and reports will incorporate the following components:

An in-depth clinical interview by a registered psychologist will focus on the nature and history of the presenting problem/disability, personal history, and the client’s background information. Analysis of the client’s past and present vocational and social functioning will also be addressed.

Psychometric Tests
Assessments will be structured and carried out in a manner that is specific to the individual needs of the client and as predetermined by the referral source (refer to the section labelled “Types of Assessments”). The testing is carried out by a trained psychological assistant in a professional environment.

Reports will provide a detailed narrative review of all information considered in the assessment, as well as a clearly stated summary and conclusions. Ordinarily, reports will include interview data; a detailed review of relevant medical, employment, or other documents; a review of past academic and vocational history; and determination of the individual’s overall intellectual ability and current level of academic functioning. Reports address issues of disability (with an emphasis on current abilities), feasibility of academic upgrading, emotional and personality functioning, potential for vocational retraining, and likelihood of competitive employment. As appropriate, reports will also address specific issues such as diagnosis, disability status, causation, past and future employability, and treatment recommendations. Every effort will be made to provide a report in a timely fashion.

Identification of specific barriers to competitive employment, both as perceived by the client and as determined by a review of medical and/or other available information, will be factored into computer-based and/or clinical job matching. When relevant, we can provide information on pay levels and the training/education necessary for job alternatives. Consideration will be given to various levels of employment-related rehabilitation and retraining, as appropriate for each client, and recommendations for overcoming barriers to employment such as job placement, pain management, and psychotherapy will be provided.

Feedback Sessions
Feedback sessions are provided upon request of the referral source, or upon recommendation by a psychologist. The purpose of a feedback session is to provide a clear interpretation of the assessment to the client and the referral agent, and to set the stage for future actions that may be required.